ONC artofcolor 6 TO Toffe / Toffee Hair Dye 60 mL / 2 fl. oz. Color Swatch

6 TO Toffe / Toffee Hair Dye 60 mL / 2 fl. oz. (3 Pack)

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artofcolor® professional heat activated healthier permanent hair color dye with certified organic ingredients. 2-in-1 Hair Color and Hair Care with added vitamins!

ONC artofcolor professional is different from conventional hair color. It does not use harsh chemicals to raise the pH level to open cuticles. Instead, natural, molecule-size pigments infuse the hair with color when exposed to heat. It is low pH. As a result, hair remains vibrant, soft, and healthy!

With organic argan oil, aloe vera, orange extracts, chamomile, coconut oil, and vitamins. These leave hair feeling softer, smoother, and shinier!

ONC artofcolor professional is as chemical-free as possible and still get permanent results. In short - Organic hair color that works!