ONC artofcolor professional is America's only organic hair color. Made without resorcinol, ammonia, and enhanced with argan oil. A 2-in-1 hair color and hair care in one bottle. Color and care for your client!

What is ONC artofcolor?

'ONC artofcolor professional' is ammonia-free, permanent hair color. It is rich in certified organic ingredients, nutrients, and antioxidants. It contains all eight amino acids essential for healthy hair, added vitamins, and nurturing plant extracts.

Made to the following ISO standards:

ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system. It helps companies show they meet customer needs. Within statutory and regulatory requirements related to a product.

ISO 17021 for use by Certification Bodies. That provides audit and certification of all types of management systems.

ISO 22716:2007 for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products. Good manufacturing practice. These guidelines cover the quality aspects of the product.

It protects the protein and moisture balance of hair. And its formula is as chemical-free as possible without compromising performance. In short - Organic hair color that works!

Chemical ammonia based hair color uses a high pH of 10.5 – 12.5 to color hair. High pH damages hair. ONC artofcolor’s pH is lower at 8.5. ONC use heat instead of ammonia to get color into the hair.

ONC's pH value is lower than chemical hair color and many "natural" hair colors. It does not take the hair far from its natural pH. Hair has a natural feel and shine. Its structural integrity, natural moisture, and ability to "hold" color remain intact.

In premium salons

Achieve all today's fashion shades! With ONC's 60 inter-mixable shades, concentrates, brighteners, and lighteners. It offers better gray coverage. And fruit and herbal essences in its formula ensure a pleasant aroma.

It is easy for hair professionals to achieve the right balance of protein, moisture, and pH. This allows them to focus on the best color and style for their clients.

The healthier option for the stylist who aims at sustainable beauty! With it's easy-to-use oil-based formulation. And added vitamins C and E to nourish the natural structure of the hair.

ONC has a proven track record in Europe. And meets all expectations from a hair color. From colorists, stylists, and clients alike!

Color it your way

ONC is available in 60 inter-mixable shades. Offering infinite possibilities to unleash your creativity. The 'Natural Shades' provides the foundation for the entire line. With tones that are beautiful on their own. Or use these with other shades to create personalized formulas clients request. For resistant gray hair ONC offers a series of 'NN' colors. 4NN to 8NN give extra gray coverage, enabling you to color even the most resistant hair! Create cooler natural tones with 'Ash Shades'. Or warmer natural tones with the 'Gold Shades' or 'Copper Shades'. You can create any red with the 'Red Shades'. From fiery reds through auburn browns.

ONC offers a wide range of Concentrates for use on their own. Or add these to existing formulas. They are ideal for adding warmth, cooling, or providing depth. Concentrates are available in blue, violet, red, gray, gold and silver.

The '11 Series' offers up to 4 levels of lift. And developers contain only pharmaceutical grade hydrogen peroxide, and 100% demineralized purified water. They are available in 10 volume (3%), 20 volume (6%), 30 volume (9%), and 40 volume (12%).

Switch to healthier today!