Organic color application tips

Question - straight from the client

My hair is falling out due to abuse and application of chemicals, so I was thinking about changing to henna, but I've read henna is messy to apply so it discouraged me. I bumped into your product on Amazon, saw the reviews and went to your website, it says it is organic and has no ammonia.  I am currently using Revlon ammonia free, is your product comparable to this? What is the difference and if I want to try ONC artofcolor, what color is similar to an auburn brown?

Answer - straight from the stylist

Henna is messy, will stain everything and can take up to 6 hours to set!  As much as being natural, henna is not good for the hair as it does not penetrate into the hair, but covers the outer surface, which eventually stops the hair from breathing. The hair then dries out. It is also very difficult to get rid of and colorists hate to deal with hair that has been colored with henna before.

ONC artofcolor colors not only do not have ammonia, but are full of ingredients that nourish the hair such as: argan oil, aloe vera, chamomile, jojoba seed, wheat protein, vitamin B5, vitamin C, vitamin E and anti-oxidants. They are all good for the hair and the scalp. More nutrient rich than any other organic product on the market, including Revlon.

There will be no stinging of the scalp because of the low pH value (8.5) and when you have regrowth there will be no demarcation line as we have not stripped the hair of its natural content. You will also notice that the color smells pleasantly of bananas.

Color application tips

The other major difference is if you have gray in your hair, after you color your roots, you need to put the plastic cap on, (provided in the box) and apply heat with a hair dryer for ten minutes. As we don’t have the chemicals the other brands have, we need to open the cuticles of the hair to get the color in to it. Afterwards apply the remaining color to the rest of the hair and wait for a further 25 minutes without using heat or the plastic cap.

Please use the shampoo and conditioner pouches provided and leave the conditioner on for five minutes before rinsing, as it will close the cuticles and the color will last longer.

The color most similar to the one you use is, if you want it a little darker, would be 5RF or, if you want it a little lighter, then 6RR. Meaning it is between 5RF and 6RR. As our pigments are from natural sources you will never get the exact same color as an artificial one. Nevertheless, we are sure you will like either, as the final look is always very natural looking.