Hair care and hair color in one product

Answering the demand from health-minded consumers for a more natural and organic approach to hair and beauty, ONC artofcolor professional offers colorists an organic alternative to the toxic chemicals found in traditional hair color products.

With 60 inter-mixable shades to choose from, there is an organic based color combination available to meet all needs

With the organic market growing to $43 billion in 2015, coupled with growing consumer concern about chemicals in beauty products and the demand for organic products continuing to rise, ONC (Organic, No Chemicals) both organic hair color and hair care solutions in one bottle. Rich in nutrients, amino acids, plant extracts and nourishing vitamins, ONC ammonia-free color products leaves hair smooth, shiny and healthy.

Not only are ONC products perfect for the discerning health-conscious client, including those undergoing medical treatments, but ONC is an excellent fit for salons looking to build their businesses and create long lasting relationships with clients who are looking to maintain a more organic based lifestyle.

Enriched with soya, almond oil and fruit extracts, a more intense and long lasting color can be achieved while the hair structure remains protected. All ONC products are free of gluten, GMOs, ammonia and toxins. They are also not tested on animals and suitable for asthmatics.

Why ONC’S low pH is good

Because the pH is so low, ONC color does not open the pores of the scalp to let chemicals seep into the blood stream. When chemicals get in the blood stream they end up in the liver. This is not where chemicals should be! ONC –artofcolor base contains 60% certified organic contents. ONC formulas are full of nourishing oils and Vitamins C and E that treats hair while it is being colored.

– Completely free from Ammonia / Parabens / Resorcinol
– Gluten Free. GMO Free. Toxic Free
– Suitable for asthmatics. Not tested on animals

Organic lifestyles are here to stay. You can be confident in effective, efficient results with ONC natural organic color and care products.

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For more information contact (310) 430-6552 or email @EricKaya

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