American Salon Magazine Features ONC artofcolor professional

American Salon Magazine Features ONC artofcolor professional

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AMERICAN SALON MAGAZINE FEATURES ONC artofcolor professional IN DECEMBER ISSUE American Salon Magazine has set the stage for many years of salon owners, professionals and brands to tell their stories. Today, there are new tales—from the world-famous professional to the up-and-coming artist. They spark trends. Inspire creativity. They push the envelope to break barriers in beauty. American Salon has long …


ONC artofcare QUINOAPLEX R3 Miracle-in-a-Bottle

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ONC artofcare QUINOAPLEX R3: THE BREAKTHROUGH MIRACLE-IN-A-BOTTLE SYSTEM Wednesday, 15 November 2017 16:58 ONC artofcare QUINOAPLEX R3 Organic Natural Colors LLC, the healthy hair care company well known for its certified organic color and care lines that nurture hair naturally, now offers its breakthrough miracle-in-a-bottle; QUINOAPLEX R3. This organic bond builder and protein conditioner, for all hair types, comes in a salon-sized 17 fl. oz. dispenser. …

Screenshot of online magazine article Hair Care And Hair Color In One Product – From Onc Artofcolor Professional

Hair Care And Hair Color In One Product

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HAIR CARE AND HAIR COLOR IN ONE PRODUCT – FROM ONC ARTOFCOLOR PROFESSIONAL Thursday, 12 October 2017 15:11 Hair Care Answering the demand from health-minded consumers for a more natural and organic approach to hair and beauty, ONC artofcolor Professional offers colorists an organic alternative to the toxic chemicals found in traditional hair color products. With 60 intermixable tones to choose from, …

Why Are Sulfates in My Shampoo?

Why Are Sulfates In My Shampoo?

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Why are sulfates in my shampoo? In short, a sulfate is an ingredient that attracts and separates oil and dirt so that it can be rinsed away. You will recognize it as the ingredient that allows your shampoo to lather up into a foam. And, although it sounds good in theory, the reality is that sometimes, certain sulfate formulas do their job just a little too …

Combating Dry Hair

Combating Dry Hair And Environmental Toxins

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It is no secret that dry hair is to be avoided and daily blow drying leads to lost moisture in the hair cuticle, breakage and annoying tangles. The same is true for the normal wear and tear your hair encounters each day from the sun and environmental toxins such as poor air quality and airborne chemicals. Taking precautions to prevent …


Organic Color Application Tip

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Question –  Straight From The Client My hair is falling out due to abuse and application of chemicals, so I was thinking about changing to henna, but I’ve read henna is messy to apply so it discouraged me. I bumped into your product on Amazon, saw the reviews and went to your website, it says it is organic and has …

organic permanent hair color

Coconut Oil: An All-round Hair And Skin Treatment

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Coconut oil has our heart.  It is rich in antioxidants and most importantly, free of chemicals that lurk in the majority of commercial hair products. When used on hair, it improves scalp health, reduces protein loss, supports hair growth, all while adding volume, moisture and shine without harmful chemicals. Below are a few of our favorite home tips for healthier, stronger and …

organic permanent hair color

The Best Permanent Organic Hair Color

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Organic beauty products are finally coming of age! Organic Natural Colors ( has been at the forefront for over 22 years creating cutting edge signature blends using certified organic ingredients. ONC embodies the belief that beauty and sustainability are not mutually exclusive goals. No one has to compromise health for beauty. Many of the big-brand hair dyes use color applications that …