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Beauty Can Now Be Achieved Painlessly

Traditional hair color contains toxic chemicals. Harsh and powerful smelling chemicals such as ammonia, parabens and sulfates damage the hair and irritate the skin. Clients are becoming allergic to chemical salon products more often and colorists and stylists are also suffering because of long-term exposure.

“… Today organic products are everything and advances in professional hair color and care are long overdue.

ONC promotes goods that will challenge salons and distributors to view professional lines of organic color and care products differently…”

– Eric Kaya, President

ONC products  nourish and restore proteins and amino acids leaving hair softer feeling, smoother, healthier, shinier and glossier. No ONC products will stain your hands, face or scalp. No stain. No stink. Did we mention the hair color smells like bananas?

Clients Are Leaving The Salon In Search Of Healthier Hair Care

Healthier, less toxic hair color and care products can be added to salons’ existing retail ranges. In offering a hydrating lightener and a bond builder to their menu of services this will help clients transition to healthier lifestyles. Clients are willing to pay a little extra for a guaranteed natural gluten-free service experience.

The Youth Are Leading

ONC have captured the health conscious younger generation. Organic consumers are a more sophisticated, discerning market. Health conscious clients will color their hair more often, given that their reluctance was the chemical damage to their hair and body. This is now no longer a concern. Organic salon businesses are growing. More companies are expanding their market share by integrating the organic model.

Organic Services

Can be more profitable typically charging +12% – +16%. Clients are more eager to increase salon visits if itchy scalps, toxic fumes, and other hazards can be avoided. Average product cost represents only 10% of overall service fees. 78% of US adults say they would prefer, (and pay a reasonable premium for), natural or organic services. Only 15% of salons provide these services!

The organic beauty industry has been growing at 15% for the last 15 years. The organic salon segment has been growing at 16.7% year-on-year for the last three years. Organic salon clients are loyal to their salons, less price sensitive and generally provide active client referrals. In short – they are the ideal client.

ONC’s Proposition

Artofcolor professional offers the colorist an alternative professional organic color line that could attract consumers buying boxed color from retailers back to salons and barbers.

Today’s retailers routinely offer consumers an organic option in the boxed color category, but this has yet to happen in salons and barbers. ONC has developed a new organic formula that is three times more effective than any other organic hair color available rivaling the efficiency of chemical colors.

Artofcolor professional contains up to 60% certified organic ingredients and is completely free from Ammonia / Parabens / Resorcinol. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Toxic Free. Hypoallergenic suitable for asthmatics. Not tested on animals

Furthermore, following advances in chemical hair re-bonding, ONC have bettered current offerings on the market with a more powerful product, using all natural re-bonding technology, hydrolyzed quinoa protein and certified organic ingredients.

Hair exposed to daily stress such as, sun, heat, chemical treatments, pollution, and over washing becomes dry, brittle and damaged. QUINOAPLEX R₃ restores bonds and repairs keratin fibers, while infusing proteins and amino acids at the same time.

QUINOAPLEX R₃ penetrates the cortex, to deliver moisture and repairs deep into the hair. One product, one bottle, one easy step in an industry that typically uses, three products, three bottles, and three steps.

QUINOAPLEX R₃ allows salons to retain the same target market while also expanding into the organic sector. Distributors may regain salons that have stopped using chemical re-bonding products with QUINOAPLEX R₃ the unique, natural, organic alternative.

“QUINOAPLEX R₃ is the breakthrough natural organic healing aid, potentially eliminating chemical overload, which will encourage salons and distributors to review their business models.”

– Eric Kaya, President.

QUINOAPLEX R₃ contains certified organic ingredients including quinoa protein and aloe vera. Free from silicone, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, DEA, and aldehydes. Gluten Free. GMO Free. Toxic Free. Hypoallergenic suitable for asthmatics. Not tested on animals.

Organic lifestyles are here to stay. Hair professionals can be confident in providing effective, efficient results with ONC natural organic color and care products.

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