BCH Certification For Colorists

BCH The Board of Certified Haircolorists

BCH certification of haircolorists is the standard by which to judge competence and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in hair color.

The BCH is dedicated to:


Andre Nizetich, America’s
Preeminent Hair Color Educator

  • The development of standardized criteria in certification, promoting credibility and consistent quality in the professional haircolorist.
  • Bringing predictability and ethical professional behavior for the well-being of the consumer and enhancing excellence in customer service.
  • Encouraging mentors to share their knowledge with aspiring professional haircolorists.
  • Making available to them the confidence needed to excel in their chosen profession by creating opportunity for success and a prosperous future.
  • Supporting and endorsing the status of the Board Certified Haircolorist with a goal to overcome the inadequacies of the past and become an integral part of the evolving future of professional hair color.


The certification of haircolorists has long been a vision of many professionals in our industry. Our goal is to establish a standard by which to judge competence and to acknowledge the level of excellence achieved in hair color, thus creating credibility in the eyes of the consumer.

The title Board Certified Haircolorist will set qualified individuals apart from the masses and establish a higher level of professionalism and credibility for the consumer.  As in all professions, the consumer will seek out those certified for their expert knowledge and service excellence.

The Exam

Developing the Examination

Developing a protocol to determine the level of excellence has been a sensitive and difficult task due to the need for a common language among haircolorists. Manufacturers, haircolorists and organizations dedicated to the art of hair coloring were consulted to develop a consensus of terms pertaining to proper language, techniques and test procedures needed to accomplish our vision. After all background research was completed, the committee set forth to create the examination.

The Developer

Dr. Richard Resurreccion, a professor of vocational education, acted as an advisor to our committee. He had been instrumental in establishing the examination to certify paramedics for the Los Angeles Fire Service. These qualifications have made him uniquely qualified to advise our Board on the preparation of the testing procedure.

The Study Portfolio

The study portfolio contains all of the information and guidelines needed for the written and performance examinations. (purchase this product here) The comprehensive material is written in easy-to-understand language, providing in-depth knowledge of the inter-working of hair color. It is our hope these materials will become the standard by which hair color is taught and evaluated.

The Examination

It is important that the examination is professionally conducted in an efficient manner and generally meets or exceeds accepted testing standards. There must be strong evidence that the written examination and performance tasks test the skills and abilities required for excellence on the actual job.

Information provided to the candidates prior to taking the certification examination must be well prepared and of high quality. Moreover, the open examination procedure allows non-candidates to observe the procedure in an unobtrusive manner, thus encouraging others to participate in the certification process.

It is important that the procedures used by the evaluation team are of a consistently high standard; they require formal documentation necessary against failed candidates.  It is necessary to validate materials, instructions and procedures to make certain they to professional test construction techniques.

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Why Certified?

Establishing oneself as a Board Certified Haircolorist gives potential clients the ability to select you as a fully qualified, tested haircolorist—an expert in your field.

Candidates who are Board Certified must rise to the same standard of excellence and feel the examination has been a valuable educational experience. A method of feedback has been established to show the candidates their areas of weakness or difficulty.

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