Why Are Sulfates in My Shampoo?

Why Are Sulfates In My Shampoo?

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Why are sulfates in my shampoo? In short, a sulfate is an ingredient that attracts and separates oil and dirt so that it can be rinsed away.

Why Are Sulfates in My Shampoo?

You will recognize it as the ingredient that allows your shampoo to lather up into a foam. And, although it sounds good in theory, the reality is that sometimes, certain sulfate formulas do their job just a little too well, stripping away some of your hair’s natural oils and may cause irritation to the skin. This can cause your hair to dry out and become frizzy, especially if you are prone to dryness or have naturally coarse, curly or particularly fine hair.

Sulfate free hair products and sulfate-free hair color are the best options to keep your hair healthier for immediate and long lasting results. The theory behind choosing the right products is that these choices bring long-term results. What we choose today greatly influences the results in the years to follow!

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